sunspriteSunSprite happens to be the first wearable device which is capable of tracking your daily light and sun exposure. How does this come in handy, you ask? Well, some of us are not that fortunate as the others, as in, we tend to get our moods affected by the amount of sunlight which we receive – or rather, the lack of it. This is a medical condition and not merely a psychological one, so how about expediting the release of the SunSprite? While this Indiegogo project has yet to meet its funding goal, we do know that it will be able to keep track of the amount of sunlight that you receive each day, sending relevant data to your synchronized smartphone along the way. Oh yeah, it works best if you are underneath the sun most of the time, since the SunSprite happens to be solar-powered.


SunSprite is the brainchild of a couple of doctors, who also happen to be Associate Professors at Harvard Medical School. This wearable technology is 100% solar-powered, and does not require any kind of cords or plugs to go along with it. You can wear the SunSprite in a stylish manner thanks to its advanced flexible magnetic clasp, where the magnets are touted to be strong enough to be worn through even the thickest of winter jackets.

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