Microsoft released the Xbox One in November last year and its new console has performed quite well in the market, with over 3.9 million units being shipped to retailers around the globe. With the hardware now out the company can focus on improving existing and adding new features through regular software updates. One such Xbox One update is scheduled for February 11. Chief Product Officer Marc Whitten revealed in a blog post today that the imminent update is going to feature many new improvements, including “lots of behind-the-scenes updates” which will aid developers that are building apps and games for the console. Whitten says that after this update, Kinect voice commands will become more fluid and responsive.

The new Xbox One update is also going to bring the ability to see and manage storage space on the console, as users will be able to find out exactly how much storage their content is taking up. The update brings ability to control install lineup, making it easier for users to manage their download queue. My Games and My Apps will be displayed in separate lists, separate queues can then be created for both. A boot progress indicator will help users better track updates as they load. This Xbox One update also brings back the battery power indicator which will be displayed on the home screen, users can see how much battery life is left on the controller in a single glance. Last but not the least, this update adds support for USB keyboard to Xbox One.

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