bbm-2.0The other day we reported that thanks to a recent survey, BlackBerry began asking what users might think about the idea of customizable BBM PINs. We thought it was a great idea, although there could be some limitations that might see PIN ideas run out pretty quick.

However it seems that in another part of the survey, it also asked if users would be interested in paying for such customizability, which is a pretty interesting question. Since the survey is a closed survey, we’re not sure what the results were.

The folks at CrackBerry, however, have decided to run their own poll in which the results found that for the most part, most people would be willing to pay for such a service. The majority voted that they would pay if it was a one-time fee, while there were some who were willing to pay if it was a yearly fee.

Naturally there were some who said no, but that they’d use the service if it was free, and then there were those who didn’t care if their PIN was customizable or not, and there were also those who remained undecided on the issue at hand.

Customizable PINs are a great idea because they make it easier to identify yourself. In fact companies or even celebrities could buy customizable PINs to help with their branding and to help spread the word about their BBM Channels. We’re not sure if BlackBerry would ever make this a reality, but what do you guys think? Are customizable BBM PINs something you’d pay for?

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