dyson_2843666bDyson is a company that many of you guys probably recognize thanks to the vacuum cleaners and their bladeless fans. Now those are pretty cool as far as home appliances are concerned and we’re sure that many out there would to own a Dyson product, although admittedly they are pretty expensive.

That being said, it seems that Dyson has announced their second-generation of bladeless fans, the Air Multiplier, which according to the company, is 75% quieter than the original version! Now while the original version was something of a novelty with a bladeless operation, it wasn’t exactly silent, but with the second-generation, those who felt that the original was too noisy for their liking, this is something worth checking out.

According to Dyson, the reason behind why the second-generation of Air Multipliers is more silent is thanks to a new aligned loop. What this does is that it allows air to enter with less turbulence, thus leading to a more silent operation.

Of course we doubt that it will be truly be a silent affair without actually testing it ourselves, but we reckon it should be good enough that it won’t be too intrusive. Dyson will be introducing their new Air Multipliers later this month and they will be priced starting at £219.99. Ouch!

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