Moto-360-smartwatch-03It was just recently that Motorola announced the Moto 360, a smartwatch that would be powered by Google’s Android Wear. Unfortunately not much is known about the Moto 360 for now since Motorola hasn’t exactly shared all of the details regarding the device yet, and one of the questions that many are probably wondering is how will the Moto 360 charge?

After all there does not appear to be any visible USB connection on the watch, but it turns out that Motorola is keeping that a secret as well, as they mentioned during the Moto 360 Hangout-on-Air earlier today.

This has led to speculation that the Moto 360 could be charged either using kinetic energy, just like some wristwatches, or perhaps even wireless charging. Or could it even turn to solar charging? Well whatever it is it certainly has many interested in this particular feature of the device.

Battery life is pretty important when it comes to gadgets like these. A perfect example would be when the Samsung Galaxy Gear was first announced and many lambasted Samsung for equipping the device with a battery that would only last a day. After all with regular wristwatches only requiring a battery change once every few months/years, charging a smartwatch on a daily basis does not seem like something people could get used to.

In any case Motorola will be launching the Moto 360 come summer and will initially be available only in the US, but given the amount of interest shown, hopefully it won’t take them too long to roll it out to other parts of the world.

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