nokia-headquarters-logo-sign-001-630x472Is Nokia done with Lumia devices now that they have announced a new series of Android phones? Hardly. In fact we’d doubt Microsoft would even let that happen!

That being said, thanks to a recent tweet by @evleaks, it seems that we can look forward to a new Windows Phone handset in the future which is currently known by its codename “Martini”.

Unfortunately apart from the name, not much else is known about the handset, but @evleaks does state that it will run on the latest Windows Phone update, suggesting that we might be seeing it sometime after April when Windows Phone 8.1 is supposed to have been launched.

This is actually not the first time we’ve seen Nokia use names from the James Bond franchise to codename their products. We’ve hear of the Nokia Moneypenny and Goldfinger, and now we can only assume Martini is yet another James Bond reference, although we have to wonder if the phone will arrive shaken, not stirred.

In any case if you were looking forward to a new Windows Phone handset from Nokia, the Martini is probably one to keep an eye on. Will it be a high-end smartphone or will it be a low-mid ranged product? We guess we’ll just have to wait and see, so do check back with us at a later date for the details.

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