How often have you, while watching TV or watching a video clip on your computer, turn away from the screen and start looking up information about a certain actor/actress or to find out more about the show itself on another device?

This method of using another device to find out more information is also known as the second screen phenomenon and while it is perfectly legit, safe to say unless you were to pause the show, chances are you’ll miss out on what’s being played, and that’s exactly what SeeSpace wants to prevent with a gadget called InAIR.

Basically what InAir does is it acts as an intermediary between your cable box and your television. Typically you’d plug your cable box to your TV, but with InAIR, the cable from the cable box goes into the device, and the TV’s cable will go in the other end.

From there, InAIR will have the uncanny ability to know what you are watching right down to the second, and at the same time provide you with information about what you’re watching directly on the TV itself.

It won’t be particularly intrusive and the goal here is to keep users focused on the screen while being able to draw information about the program, such as match scores if you’re watching sports, or actor/actress information, songs being played during the show, and so on.

Users will be able to interact with InAIR through an app on their smartphone and the app will be completely gesture-based. What this means is that there will be no icons or buttons on the app so that users won’t have to fiddle around with buttons, thus maintaining their focus on the show.

SeeSpace’s InAIR is a Kickstarter project that has well exceeded its funding goal but if you’d like to learn more, watch demonstrations, or pledge a donation, head on over to its Kickstarter page for the details.

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