juggernautI don’t know about you, but each time the word “trike” is mentioned in a conversation, my mind would automatically switch over to the trike in the world of Dune, where it is faster but less durable than the quads, although it does make short work of infantry. Having said that, the Juggernaut trike that you see here is a unique off-road three wheeler that is capable of riding over snow and ice, and heck, stairs are not going to stop it, either. And by stairs, I mean stairs that go upwards – not down.

I guess there is no more excuse for anyone who does not want to cycle to work, citing snow days as well as uneven terrain being part of the “reasons” as to why driving to work is a whole lot better, never mind that the roads are clogged with traffic. The Juggernaut trike would feature a pair of wide front wheels to provide additional stability, while low gears make it suitable for tough terrain. The wheels are also wide enough apart so that the bike can ‘lean’ into turns.

The Juggernaut also has an equally “large” price, costing $2,500 a pop, but when you figure out how it is a snap to ride across snow, ice, curbs and steps, it might be worth checking out.

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