As our landfills start to, well, fill up, it’s time that we started paying more attention to the idea of recycling where products are simply thrown away, but are disposed of properly and thoughtfully and given a new life in which they can be made into new products.

Perhaps that’s an idea that Coke is toying with, or maybe they’re just doing it to sell more drinks, or maybe it’s just a marketing ploy, but over in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Coca-Cola has rolled out six Happiness Arcade machines which do not take money for it to be used, but rather it will accept empty bottles of the soft drink.

The game offered on the machines is essentially a straightforward game of Pong, meaning that gamers probably shouldn’t expect anything overly fancy, but the idea here is to help promote the brand as well as possibly recycling those empty bottles and putting them to good use.

According to reports, the initiative has managed to collect thousands of empty bottles so far which is a good thing. We’re not sure if this concept is sustainable but for now, it sure is generating a fair amount of buzz. Now if only the machine offered up more complex games, that might get even more attention, although it could cost more due to licensing issues, but what do you guys think?

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