recycle-fishCraig Kasberg, an Alaskan angler, has already spent 8 summers on the ocean by his 23rd birthday, so if he were to talk to you about the sea and life on board a boat, you would want to sit up straight and start listening. In fact, Kasberg is witness to how crucial sustainable fishing is to a coastal town from where he hails from, and has decided to help out the environmentally minded fishermen – while making a living out of it, too. His idea? Salmon-skin wallets and crab shell shirts.

Yes sir, Kasberg fully intends to make use of and recycle discarded fish skins by transforming them into leather, which would not be too far off the mark where cow hides are concerned. Kasberg has a vision of the future where fish-skin wallets, belts and others would end up being “normal”.

Don’t worry about the smell, either, as Kasberg claims that it is nonexistent, and hence should not be a factor at all as all smelly fish oils have been removed beforehand, having been replaced with vegetable oils throughout the tanning process. As for the Alaskan salmon samples that Kasberg has been testing out, they happen to be jut about as durable as cow leather, although its texture would border on that of snake skin.

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