Recycling firm Clean Bay Area received several boxes of electronic equipment from a woman recently who sent off the boxes to this gadget recycling firm after she cleaned out her garage following her husband’s death. Little did she know that one of those boxes had a rare Apple-1 computer in it, which is not only hard to come around these days, but tends to fetch a lot of money at auctions. Clean Bay Area sold it to a private collector and is now searching for that woman to split the $200,000 it got for the Apple-1.

There’s a reason why Apple-1 computers are very hard to come by. Most of them are already with private collectors, who tend to pay hefty sums for it since owning one of the only 200 Apple-1 computers handmade by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak is every gadget collector’s dream come true.

The vice president of Clean Bay Area Victor Gichun says that he remembers the woman who dropped off the boxes which contained this Apple-I but she didn’t leave behind any contact information, so they can’t seem to track her down.

She’ll certainly be in for a surprise if and when Clean Bay Area is able to find her, and tell her that they’re holding on to $100,000 with her name on it.

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