iphone-5s-review-019There have been rumors suggesting that with the next-gen iPhone, Apple could be keeping the megapixels the same, but instead will offer up various improvements to help produce better images. Such improvements are rumored to be optical image stabilization, one of the features missing on the iPhone at the moment.

However according to a new report by ESM China analyst, Sun Chang Xu (via GforGames), it seems that Apple might not use optical image stabilization, instead opting for electronic image stabilization instead. The former would be preferred, naturally, but because electronic image stabilization allows for a slimmer camera profile, it would fit into Apple’s design of the iPhone, versus OIS which might have a protruding camera.

Xu goes on to state that the pixel size will also see an increase from 1.5 um to 1.75 um. This means that more light can be taken in which could result in brighter photos, especially since low-light photography has never really been one of the iPhone’s stronger suits.

Xu’s report seems to go against previously leaked images which shows an iPhone with a protruding camera, but then again since neither can be confirmed at the moment, we suggest you take it with a grain of salt for now. In any case what do you guys think? Would you prefer an iPhone with OIS, or is EIS a welcome improvement anyway?

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