At the moment, how long does it take to juice up your smartphone? Israel-based startup StoreDot has a pretty good idea on how fast they want you to do so – and I am referring to a mere 30 second charge. This sounds insane, but there is still much more work to be done, as this particular technology will not be made available to the masses for years.

Just how will this particular technology function? Their first battery-charging prototype was unveiled at Microsoft’s Think Next Conference in Tel Aviv, where it depicted how it was able to fully charge a close-to-empty Samsung Galaxy S4 in a matter of half a minute, which is super fast considering how we currently require hours in order to fully stock up our smartphone batteries with juice from the charger.

At point of publishing, the StoreDot prototype does seem to play nice with Samsung’s last-gen handset only, although StoreDot did mention that they have every intention of working on its technology to have it play nice with other smartphone makes. One thing is for sure though – our world is looking for different ways to be able to power our devices, where some of these solutions happen to be greener than the others.

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