A new report reveals that Xbox One original shows will include various interactive elements that would enhance the viewing experience. These shows will be made available specifically through the console, and Microsoft has plans to launch at least six series at first, which includes comedy sketch shows from the likes of Michael Cera, Seth Green and Sarah Silverman. A sci-fi show is also being produced, called Humans, its based on the Swedish Äkta människor programme. Even a street football reality show, Every Street United, is also on the cards.


Since the obvious push here is to get Xbox One owners to look beyond the gaming powers of their new console, Microsoft will be adding interactive elements to the Xbox One original shows. Views will be able to play mini-games, unlock bonus scenes and subplots that aren’t even a part of the actual show.

According to Bloomberg, Microsoft actually have more than a dozen similar projects in the pipeline. The company reportedly aims to attract the console’s existing core audience, gamers between the age of 18 and 34. Upcoming projects include a reality show called Fearless, which follows Australian Navy diver and shark attack survivor Paul de Gelder. Steven Spielberg’s Halo show may also be on the cards.

Microsoft isn’t the only one trying to get people to watch original programming through a gaming console. Sony has also announced plans to produce original shows for the PlayStation 4, starting off with an adaptation of Marvel Comics’ Powers.

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