adidas-micoach-watchIt does seem as though offline support for Spotify playback is set to arrive on the Adidas MiCoach Smart Run, an Android-powered fitness tracker that helps keep tabs on your daily workouts in order to help you achieve your fitness goals. After all, anything that can be measured is able to be improved, so it makes perfect sense to measure your workout program in order to maximize the amount of time spent sweating buckets to improve your health.


The Adidas MiCoach Smart Run, being a fitness tracker that boasts of an assortment of sensors for your workout sessions in addition to having some more storage space available to stash music tracks of your own, is rumored to be able to offer offline playback later this year – where it could even be during the Christmas period. This particular move would definitely introduce additional functionality to those who already own the MiCoach Smart Run.

What do you think of such a move? Christmas might feel as though it is still a long, long time away, but as we all jolly well know, time does see to fly by extremely quick these days, so who knows – December might be upon us before we even realize it.

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