nokia-x2Earlier this year, many were surprised when Nokia announced the Nokia X series of Android handsets. Given that Microsoft is trying so hard to push the Windows Phone platform, it does seem odd that Nokia (now owned by Microsoft) would be releasing an Android handset of their own. What makes it even more surprising is that Microsoft will apparently be continuing that trend with a Nokia X successor, or so the rumors claim.

That being said, thanks to a recent benchmark, possible hardware specs for the Nokia X2 (the Nokia X’s successor) have surfaced in China. According to the benchmarks, it seems that we can look forward to the Nokia X2 packing a Qualcomm MSM8210 1.2GHz processor. It will also feature 1GB of RAM, 4GB of onboard storage, all of which seems to put the device in line with the recently announced Moto E, a low-end Android handset from Motorola.

Given that the original Nokia X lineup didn’t exactly pack the most amazing hardware specs, it seems that Nokia will be continuing that trend with the Nokia X2, except that in this case, it appears to that the Nokia X2 will be an improvement over the Nokia X, but at the same time it probably won’t be able to compete with other Android devices.

Of course there’s no way of telling if the benchmark is real to begin with, so do take it with a grain of salt for now. Other rumored features of the Nokia X’s successor includes the addition of a home button. As it stands the Nokia X only features a “back” button, which when held long enough will take users back to the home screen, which does seem a little inconvenient and unfamiliar to smartphone users who have since gotten used to home buttons on their smartphones.

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