Colin Furze is on a roll here for sure. First of all, he took an interest in bringing “SNIKT!” to the masses by developing a pair of realistic retractable claws that Wolverine would approve of, before working on a pair of Magneto-inspired boots. While those are not directly threatening to the safety of the masses, Furze’s latest invention might just raise alarm bells for the paranoid. Looking to Pyro, another classic X-Men villain as his inspiration, Furze has managed to work on two flame-throwing gauntlets which have the ability to fire tongues of flames as far away as a dozen feet, now how about that?


Sure, it will not be able to stand up to the might of the sentinels if what you saw in Days of Future Past on the silver screen is anything to go by, but hopefully it is safe to use – as safe as playing with fire can be, anyways, or where flamethrowers are concerned. This particular Pyro suit is not powered by any kind of X mutant gene, but rather, it is fueled by propane, and with the flick of the wrist, one is able to unleash its flammable payload in a single burst.

Furze also rigged up a pilot light to the other hand, which means that whenever the gas released at a high enough velocity from the reservoir, the flames will not be able to burn the fuel fast enough to return to the fuel stream and cause any mishap. A built-in failsafe system, so to speak, which is a good idea at all times.

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