gi-bikeA folding bicycle is a convenient way of getting around town, especially when you need to catch a connecting bus during your commute. Here is a quick question though – what is better than a folding bicycle? Why, an electric folding bicycle, that’s what! This is what the Gi Bike is all about, being a Kickstarter project that will be realized when it has raised the necessary amount of funding to work.

With the Gi Bike, it more or less has everything that you would need in a folding bicycle, all crammed into a compact and lightweight frame. For those steep uphill slopes, you need not have to pedal as long as there is enough of a battery charge left within, and the Gi Bike itself will sport a lithium-ion battery which on average, will be able to ferry its rider for up to 64 kilometres sans a hint of pedaling, thanks to the inclusion of electrical assist that has a maximum top speed of 25kph.

A smartphone app will also come in handy here as it enables you to control the speed. Unfortunately for the electric motor, it can be charged only via USB and not through pedaling, but at least this 17kg ride can juice up your smartphone or GPS navigation device as you pedal about in town.

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