legion-meterDo you sometimes feel as though the world is moving way too slow for its own good? There are such moments, I am quite sure about that, especially when you are busy waiting to charge up your smartphone or tablet and have another urgent appointment to attend to. Of course, if one were to plan the day properly, then your smartphone ought to have enough battery to last you through the duration, but unexpected things do crop up from time to time. What if there is a device that can charge up your device by up to 92% faster? This is what the Kickstarter project known as Legion Meter is all about.

I do wonder whether the rather creative naming convention of this particular crowdfunding device has anything to do with “being many” or “numerous”, but what is more important would be its functionality. Apparently, the Legion Meter claims to enable smartphones to charge up to 92% faster when one relies on a USB port.

First of all, you plug the Legion Meter into your computer’s USB port, where the OLED display will then depict various information including power in Watts that the USB port is delivering to the device, current in Amps and voltage output. An integrated multimeter would provide users with relevant information on the power being transferred, where you can choose from either one of two operation modes – for Android or for iOS.

When a smartphone is connected, the Legion Meter will optimize the charge speed by enabling the mobile device to draw in the maximum charge amount possible, helping speed up the overall charging process. I am quite confident it will not hit the 92% increase in speed consistently, but it should show some favorable results. Now, if only it can pick up enough funding to be realized…

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