The LG G Watch did not manage to receive any kind of ‘diva treatment’ quite unlike the recently introduced LG G3 flagship smartphone, but then again, this does not make the LG G Watch any less intriguing, right? This particular timepiece of the future (or at least, it positions itself as one) has managed to make its way into the hands of at least one publication (AppDated) who has since recorded a video of the G Watch in action.

AppDated paraded the LG G Watch in all of its pomp and glory with what resembles to be an extremely early version of Android Wear. There is no doubt in our minds at all that Google will definitely do its bit to spruce up Android Wear in order for it to become acceptable to mainstream users when the time comes, but it will have to suffice for now. In the video (which is in German by the way), you will be able to check out the device’s Settings menu, while swiping down from the top of the LG G Watch’s display would depict the date as well as battery level.

The LG G Watch recorded happened to arrive in the form of champagne gold, where it sports a white band, black watch face and gold accents. Hopefully more details on the LG G Watch will be revealed in due time.

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