imac-2012-side-by-sideYesterday we reported that according to a rumor, Apple is expected to debut new iMacs at WWDC 2014 taking place next week. This was speculated because stock for Apple’s iMacs had been running low and shipping times on Apple’s Online Store had been slipping, indicating that Apple might not be interested in renewing current stock in favor of new ones that would be announced next week.

Unfortunately it seems that if you were hoping for a new iMac, there’s a possibility that there will be no new iMacs announced. This is according to well-connected Apple insider, Jim Dalrymple, who has in the past been pretty accurate with his statements, by either confirming or denying rumors with either a “Yep” or “Nope”. In this case, Dalrymple gave his trademark “Nope” in response to new iMacs.

He also denied rumors that Apple could be debuting a lower-end 8GB iPhone 5s at WWDC, which we have to admit did sound like a stretch of the imagination anyway. His denial of the rumors seems to go against what we have seen and heard recently. For starters Ming-Chi Kuo, another well-connected analyst, predicted that we could expect new iMacs towards the end of Q2, which seems to be in line with WWDC.

References to potential new iMac models were also referenced in the OS X beta, hinting that we could indeed look forward to new iMacs. So what gives? Well there is always the off-chance that Dalrymple is wrong, but given that he has been pretty spot on with his confirmations and denials, perhaps there could be a shred of truth. Either way we guess we’ll find out more next week, so until then we suggest you not get your hopes up just yet.

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