microsoft_smartwatch_patentboltWith companies such as LG, Motorola, Google, and even Apple (rumored) revealing their plans for wearable devices like smartwatches, we sincerely doubt that this is a field that Microsoft plans on sitting out on. Now there have been rumors that Microsoft could be developing a smartwatch of their own, and now thanks to a recent Microsoft patent, perhaps this is what the device could look like, or at least clue us in on some of the features Microsoft is exploring.

The patent, discovered by Patent Bolt, reveals a smartwatch whose computing unit can be removed from the band itself. What this means is that it can be removed and allow users to swap the bands around for other colors or design, making it a fashion accessory and a smartwatch at the same time.

It also looks like Microsoft might be interested in fitness-related features as well, as we can see in the icons to the right which shows features such as distance run, heart rate, and calories burnt. Microsoft has also include a special watch dock that would allow users to charge their device when it’s low on battery. This means that the watch is not connected to any wires and can be easily placed or removed on the dock.

The dock could also be connected to a computer and use for syncing. However we should note that this is only a patent and Microsoft’s own smartwatch might not even resemble the one in the diagram to the right, assuming it even exists at all, but what do you guys think? What sort of features could Microsoft add that will make it stand out from the competition?

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