xboxonecontrThere are some PC games that are better off being played with a gamepad. Driving games, arcade style games, and fighting games are great examples of such games that would be better enjoyed with a gamepad. Now there are many options available for PC gamers at the moment, but if you were hoping to use your Xbox One’s controller with your computer, you might be pleased to learn that compatibility will be coming “very soon”.

This is according to Microsoft’s Larry “Major Nelson” Hyrb who responded to a gamer who was lamenting the lack of PC support for the Xbox One controller, to which Hyrb replied by saying, “Soon. Very soon.” Unfortunately he did not expanded on his cryptic statement, so we have no idea how soon is soon. Could it be that the update could come during E3 during Microsoft’s presentation? Perhaps, but until we hear otherwise, don’t get your hopes up just yet.

Support for the PC was reported back in 2013 where it was expected to arrive in 2014, so we guess it should be soon. This isn’t to say that the Xbox One controllers aren’t compatible – they are, it’s just that the process to get it working on the PC might not be everyone’s cup of tea, especially if they’re not very technical, not to mention it is an unofficial so perhaps it might not be as reliable.

In any case we’ll keep our eyes peeled for when the update/drivers will arrive that will add PC support, so check back with us at a later date for the details! In the meantime gamers have the option of going the unofficial route, or get their hands on an Xbox 360 controller which works fine on the PC.

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