samsung-music-closeIt was a couple of years ago when South Korean conglomerate Samsung came up with Samsung Music, which so happens to be their very own audio streaming service. Well, I guess you cannot always have it your way despite what the folks over at Burger King tell you, as we bring you word that Samsung Music is about to shut its doors this coming July 1st. In an email directed to users of the service, it claims that the product ‘will no longer be available’ from the beginning of July, and duly issued a warning to customers to ‘download all purchased content and use any remaining vouchers’ before that fateful date arrives.

This particular closure would also signal the disappearance of the ‘Samsung Music Hub’ app which has arrived as a pre-installed app on their Android-powered smartphones, which has generally been regarded by many to be a form of bloatware. In fact, company executives also did issue a warning in the past that they could be abandoning their ‘content hubs’, and it seems that this is a manifestation of such a plan.

I would like to think that the recent launch of Samsung’s Milk Music could be a spiritual replacement of sorts for Samsung Music, how about you?

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