starwars-7-tweetThe Disney-owned Star Wars franchise looks set to rake in even more money for the Lucas clan when the film arrives in due time, but I suppose that is but a mere aftereffect of the situation. What folks are thirsty for right now would be any kind of scoop on the upcoming movie, ranging from plot devices to characters as well as photos. We are glad to bring you what is deemed to be the very first Star Wars Episode VII photo that has leaked out on Twitter, thanks to Bad Robot. What you see above is the first photo from the first day of filming “Star Wars Episode VII” from J.J. Abrams.

The clapboard shows off the director J.J. Abrams and cinematographer Daniel Mindel, where the latter also was on hand to assist Abrams as the former worked on his previous project, “Star Trek Into Darkness.” The clapboard also sported the date May 16, 2014, and considering how today is not the first day of April, this is pretty much as bona fide as it gets – at least for now.

Do you get any chills running down your spine when you see the classic “Star Wars” logo and font in all of its glory?

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