android wear[Google I/O 2014] Earlier this year, Google introduced Android Wear, a platform based on Android designed for wearable devices in mind. Now at Google I/O, they have explained in detail some of the features that will be available in Android Wear. One of the features that Google unveiled earlier this year for Android Wear was the ability for it to recognize voice commands.

Some of the voice commands that users could use included the ability to take down notes, like when you have ideas that you want to take down instantly. It can also be used to remind you to perform certain tasks at specific locations, like checking your mailbox when you arrive home, or to reply to emails when you arrive at work, and so on.

android wear lyftGoogle has mentioned that they will be making certain key commands available to developers. One of the examples they showed was how the watch could be used to call yourself a car from the Lyft service.

g watch notifUnsurprisingly Android Wear will sync with the notifications on your phone. This means that when you receive a notification on your phone, you will receive it on your Android Wear device as well. Users will be able to choose to respond to the notifications or to clear it, and when they do, those notifications will be cleared on their phone as well. This is incredibly handy as it helps remove clutter and duplicate notifications.

phone repliesGoogle has also confirmed that Android Wear will play nicely with both square and circle watch faces. For example LG’s G Watch as a square face, while the Moto 360 has a circular face, so OEMs won’t have to worry about only having to create a particular shape just for it to conform with the software.

music playbackOther features in Android Wear includes the ability to control the music from your phone. It can also be used as a fitness device where it will be able to measure the amount of steps taken and your heart rate as well. One interesting feature of Android Wear devices is that they will also be water-resistant.

android wear fitnessGoogle has also announced that the full Android Wear SDK will be made available to developers later today.

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