What makes the ChargeAll so different from all of the other power outlets that you have seen so far? For starters, it holds the distinction of being the self proclaimed “world’s smallest portable power outlet”, now how about that? Imagine bringing your very own power outlet just about wherever you go, letting you juice up anything, anywhere, anytime. The ChargeAll is the first portable battery pack that has an AC wall plug outlet, letting you juice up a smartphone, tablet or laptop among others even as you are on the move.


In this Indiegogo campaign to raise funds and make the ChargeAll a reality, we are keeping our fingers crossed that it would eventually be released to the masses as an actual travel accessory. Just how small is the ChargeAll? It does come with a battery pack that measures 5.95” x 3.7” x 1”, where it sports enough juice to power your handset for a whole week, or at least make sure your laptop gets juiced up from near empty a few times.

All of that power from something that is roughly the size of an iPhone? This is definitely a modern day miracle that we are looking at here, where even the design is pleasing to the eyes, sporting a plastic housing that has rounded edges, while keeping the power outlet company with a USB port for that added level of convenience.

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