battlefield hardlineHeads up gamers, if you didn’t manage to get into the Battlefield Hardline closed beta last week, well fret not because EA has officially announced they they will be opening up the beta to all PC gamers. All you’d have to do is head on over to the Battlefield Beta website, sign up to take part in it, and you’re good to go – instant access!

You might be wondering why would you want to do that? Isn’t it better to wait for the official and more polished release? Sure, but EA has also revealed that those who sign up for the beta will be getting themselves some beta perks, which includes weapon camo/skin in the game, a special weapon sight, additional Battlefield Hardline content, and a unique dog tag that will be making an appearance in the game’s beta next month.

As for the rest of the gear, it will be made available to players when the game has been released, which as it stands has been pegged for a release on the 21st of October. EA has also revealed that beta testers can participate in beta challenges. We’re not sure if these are the only challenges available or if there will be more coming at a later date, but for now there are only two challenges that players can take part in.

The first challenge involves getting Rank 10, after which players will be given a special Battlepack at launch. The next challenge is to enable Facebook sharing, which will then net the player with $1,000 in in-game cash. So, who’s signing up for the beta?

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