At long last, we have heard news that GTA V will finally make its way over to the PC, PS4 and Xbox One platforms, and that Rockstar Games has opened up the title for a pre-order. This new game version, as you can see in the trailer above, will arrive with souped up graphics, a higher level of detail as well as technical improvements that intend to take full advantage of what high end computers as well as the Xbox One and Sony PS4 are capable of.

Given a timetable for its release later this fall across three different platforms, GTA V for PC is also touted to arrive with a video editor feature that has been specially designed to enable advanced in-game movie making capabilities to the end user. Considering how streaming gameplay video does look set to be a growing industry where the sky’s the limit, we could see creative juices flow in unexpected ways soon.

Do bear in mind that these new generation upgrades too, will be extended to Grand Theft Auto Online, which happens to be a Grand Theft Auto universe that is constantly changing. The slew of content and gameplay that have been introduced since GTA Online was launched, ranging from a wide array of new Jobs, a slew of new weapons, tons of new vehicles, as well as new properties and player customizations will be made available as well for the PS4, Xbox ne and PC.

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