2013 wasn’t exactly a great year for HTC. The company lost a lot of money throughout the year despite the fact that it had a highly praised smartphone on offer. Some of that misfortune was attributed to bad marketing which HTC vowed to improve in the coming quarters. This year’s flagship, the HTC One M8, had monumental pre-release hype. But it looks like the 2014 flagship, which got even more praise than its predecessor, wasn’t exactly able to help put HTC’s balance sheets in the green last month.

In May, on a sequential basis, HTC’s revenues declined 4.59 percent to $701.4 million, this translates into a 27.37 percent year-over-year decline.

The company reported its first quarterly loss ever back in Q3 last year and since then it hasn’t been able to recover. However HTC is adamant that this is just a temporary blip. For the entire second quarter it presents a positive forecast.

The company’s top brass has already acknowledged that HTC needs to do a better job at marketing. Its crowded enough in the premium smartphone market and on one hand you’ve got players like Samsung pumping billions into marketing every year.

It is believed to have paid a very handsome amount to Robert Downey Jr. last year for what was basically just one commercial. This year it tapped Gary Oldman for HTC One M8 ads. HTC’s marketing campaigns haven’t really taken off particularly in the U.S., would you agree?

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