sanwa-film-scannerHow many of you still have your collection of film strips at home, stored away carefully to make sure that the passage of time does not end up destroying the template of whatever precious memories that you have left? Since we are living in a digital age right now, how about taking advantage of technology and turning things around? You can do so with the Sanwa 400-SNC024 Film Scanner. This particular device will come with a 14-megapixel CMOS imaging sensor alongside a 2.4” LCD display that lets you check out scans even as they are being made at the moment.

It has been specially designed to convert 35mm slides and negatives into color or monochrome image files, all without requiring the use of a computer as an intermediary device, now how about that? The Sanwa 400-SNC024 itself will rely on a trio of white LEDs in order to deliver quality scanning at 3,200 dpi, whereby all of the scanned images will be stashed away on an SD memory cards, although you might want to take stock of the remaining capacity from time to time since it maxes out at 32GB in this case.

Expect the Sanwa 400-SNC024 film scanner to retail for $1,160 (after conversion) a pop. Expensive? Yes, but how much money would you place on the value of your memories?

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