Skye Parker was involved in a swimming accident that left him paralyzed from the neck down, but the spunky young man has managed to maintain a positive attitude in life, where he is currently looking for different ways to enjoy life despite the existing limitations. Parker hence proceeded to design a kite buggy that he calls “The Spider Crab“, which so happens to be a two person kite powered vehicle that was specially created so folks with disabilities will be able to have some fun outdoors. Having a rough idea and knowing just how much it is going to cost, he has not let that be an obstacle in his path.

Having invested hundreds of hours in churning out the necessary blueprints so that the Spider Crab can take to the skies, Parker has also enlisted the help of crowdfunding site Fundly in order to realize his dreams for the Spider Crab. Right now, he has managed to garner more than half the amount required, and with 42 days of the campaign left to go, chances are pretty good that the Spider Crab will eventually gain enough funds to roll off a production line, somewhere.


Parker shared, “What can I do now that’s going to be the most fun? I knew I needed to strap myself to a big kite of some sort. Although I knew it would be expensive, I decided to not let cost stop me from continuing with the design. The result is a vehicle that I am very happy with. It is going to be comfortable, fast, and safe. And to have something designed exactly for you is amazing no matter who you are. It would be amazing to see it exist in real life, as more than data on my hard drive. If built the Spider Crab would be the first of its kind. For some reason nobody else has made this happen yet. My hope is that this could be something that people of all types of abilities could enjoy.”

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