xbox oneNow that the Xbox One’s price has been lowered to $399 sans the Kinect, does this mean that we can look forward to an increase in Xbox One sales? After all it puts it on par with the Sony PlayStation 4’s price, and the PS4 has been doing pretty well, so it would not be completely unreasonable to think that the same could happen to Microsoft as well, right?

While it might not be the most definitive of surveys, DealGames has conducted a survey in which they asked Xbox 360 owners if they are interested in upgrading to an Xbox One. The cheaper Xbox One is expected to be released on the 9th of June for $399, but oddly enough despite the price cut, only 21% of those surveyed said that they would most likely upgrade.

This means that a whopping 79% of Xbox 360 gamers will not be upgrading, or are still on the fence. This does not mean that they will not upgrade at all, but for now it looks like there aren’t many gamers who appear to be interested. DealNews’ features editor, Benjamin Glaser, speculated that this could mean that $399 is still too dear of a price to pay, are happier with their 360, or don’t know what they want yet.

Like we said it’s not exactly the most definitive of surveys as DealGames had only managed to survey 927 participants, which does not speak for the entire Xbox 360 community, but it’s still a troubling sign nonetheless, but what do you guys think? Did the price cut of the Xbox One make the console more appealing? Or are you still holding out?

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