bbm-galaxy-gear-1000x941While it seems unlikely that BlackBerry will be getting into the wearables market anytime soon, does it mean that they have no plans to work on the software side of things as well? Well if the photo above is any clue, perhaps they could be interested in getting their software onto wearable devices.

A photo (pictured above) has been making its rounds where it shows off BlackBerry’s BBM app running on a Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch. From what we can tell it looks pretty legit, although there is a chance that it could just be a very good photoshop job. Alternatively we could just be looking a screenshot of BlackBerry pictured on the Gear 2, as opposed to the app actually running on the device.

While we doubt it wouldn’t be out of the question to receive BBM notifications on your smartwatch, to have the actual messenger app running on the watch itself could be a bit awkward. After all the screen is pretty small, leaving the user with not much room for typing, and if there were to be a keyboard, it’d be almost impossible to see.

We should also point out that the Samsung Gear 2 runs on Tizen, not Android, which means that someone has managed to port BBM onto Tizen if they got this to work. As it stands BBM is only available on iOS, Android, and recently Windows Phone. BlackBerry has expressed plans to bring the app to other platforms in the future, so could this be it? In any case it does seem highly suspect, so do take it with a grain of salt for now.

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