Google Glass has been around for over a year and while it still costs $1,500 the hardware itself has gone through multiple revisions and the software has been greatly improved. There are tons of new applications available for the wearable device and even games have landed on Glass. Nothing Labs has released a Flappy Bird clone for Google Glass, allowing anyone with a unit to play a knockoff of the popular game.

If you haven’t heard about Flappy Bird, which I seriously find hard to believe, it was a game that emerged on the scene a few months back and immediately became popular due to the fact that it was very addictive. The developer then abruptly pulled it off the App Store and Google Play Store, saying that this needed to be done in order to help folks retain their sanity.

When Flappy Bird was down a handful of clones sprouted up like mushrooms, though most of them were found to be full of malware. That isn’t the case with BlinkyBird though, the clone for Google Glass. It allows you to play the game by either blinking twice to keep the bird in the air or double tapping on the touchpad found on the side of Glass.

Though imagine for a moment walking down the street and seeing someone wearing Glass blinking furiously, or tapping for that matter on the trackpad which sits just below the temple. It would look odd, wouldn’t it? But then again, that’s the power of Flappy Bird.

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