gsnote4-cover-leakIt does seem as though that the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is imminent, what with a slew of rumors including mass production surrounding this particular phablet appearing at more and more frequent intervals. Well, thanks to someone who is either in a very huge hurry to snap a photo of an alleged Galaxy Note 4 smart cover, so much so that the photo-taking device managed to capture a huge mess of a blur, or the focus ability on said device is so poor that what you see on the right is the best possible image of a purported Samsung Galaxy Note 4 smart cover.

Apparently, the tipster claims to hail from South Korea, and had just a few seconds in order to snap the photo – unfortunately, said tipster does not seem to be using a decent smartphone that would probably have gotten him (and the rest of the world) far better shots, as we end up with a typical blurry cam image instead.

What is shown on the right happens to be some sort of packaging, or perhaps an information sheet concerning a smart cover for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 4. The oval window itself points to a fair amount of smart action functionality that ought to be part of the entire package, and who knows, since this is a Galaxy Note device, there might be some room for stylus interaction to boot. We would take this blurry image with a grain of salt, like all rumors, they will need to be substantiated by an official announcement.

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