project araGoogle’s Project Ara is an exciting project to look forward to. After all how many times have we complained about how a certain smartphone would be perfect if it had this feature or if it had that feature, and so on. However rarely do OEMs make a smartphone that is able to please everyone, which is what makes Project Ara so exciting – the ability to make the phone of your dreams.

Now last we heard, Project Ara had entered into its beta phase and now according to reports, Google has begun taking requests for the handset. Now we should note that the requests for the device won’t be targeted at end-users. Instead Google is prioritizing developers who are looking for Project Ara handsets to test their boards with.

Since Google can’t possibly make every type of board out there, they have tasked third-party developers to come up with ideas for modules that could be attached to the handset. For example we’ve heard how Toshiba will be supplying chipsets for the phone, and how Sennheiser could feature their audio technology in the handset as well.

Request submissions are expected to be in by this Thursday and will ship out to the lucky few by the end of the month. Google will be holding another round of testing after that with the deadline running until the 17th of August. Assuming everything goes according to plan, Project Ara could see a release as soon as early 2015.

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