neverwinterOne of the ways to draw attention to a gaming platform would be by announcing games for it that could have the potential of attracting more gamers. Well if you’re a fan of MMORPGs based on Dungeons & Dragons, you might be interested to learn that the free-to-play MMORPG Neverwinter is set for a release on the Xbox One console in the first half of 2015.

In fact the game will actually be released first in China where apparently MMORPGs are a huge business. The game is then expected to make its way to other parts of the world and presumably other platforms as well, unless of course Microsoft has somehow managed to nab the exclusive rights to the console version of the game.

As far as content is concerned, it is expected to remain the same as its PC counterpart. According to Andy Velasquez, the game’s lead designer, “All the same races, all the same classes, all the same maps. The content will be there, with some minor exceptions. Since we launched on PC. We’ve added some bits to the endgame, and then we added another module which had another campaign at the endgame. So we’ll probably stagger those releases [in the console version].”

There will naturally be some changes to the console version, such as its interface which has been redesigned to fit consoles better, and also because unlike PCs, console gamers don’t really play with a PC and mouse. Velasquez adds, “From the beginning, we always received feedback that this would be great with a controller, and we even have a bunch of PC users who, using just a 360 controller, have come up with keybind files.”

So if you were looking forward to getting your hands on the Neverwinter MMO for your Xbox One, we guess you will have to wait until 2015 before you are able to do so. No specific launch dates were mentioned, but we will be keeping our eyes peeled.

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