samsung-round-watch-patentSamsung has had its fair share of smartwatches announced in the past like the Gear Live, and it does not look as though the company is going to stop anytime soon with the wearable tech market starting to heat up. In fact, Samsung has on offer, a whole lot more variety of smartwatches compared to other companies, but they all do arrive with a square watch face. Mobile Geeks have discovered a new series of patent filing that points to the very real possibility of a rounded display on a future Samsung smartwatch, which would follow in the footsteps of the Moto 360 from Motorola.


The latest round of patent filings point to a couple of models that feature screens which resemble circles, whereas there is a third one that is roughly square-shaped, although it will come with rounded corners.

Other than the rounded screens, the watches will depart a wee bit from the current range of Gear watches as the charging port would have been relocated to the bottom of the watch band, placing it close to the clasp which will keep the band together whenever you wear the timepiece. Apart from that, all of the drawings do point to an integrated camera, which is a feature that right now remains exclusive to a select few of Samsung smartwatches.

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