popeye-bbm-stickerStickers can be quite fun to have on a messaging product, and as we all know, BBM stickers have done pretty well on the iOS platform this year. After all, isn’t a picture worth a thousand words? This makes stickers easier to convey a particular message or emotion instead of typing it out. Well, a new bunch of BBM stickers has already arrived in the BBM Shop, and this time around, folks would gain access to Popeye stickers. Yes, the sailor man with an affinity for spinach will grace your BBM-enabled devices.

Similar to majority of the other BBM sticker packs out there, this particular one will cost $1.99 per purchase, and is ready and waiting to be used right after your purchase. Each sticker pack will comprise of 20 stickers, where among them include Popeye’s love interest Olive Oyl, Swee’pea, as well as his arch nemesis, Bluto. There will be Popeye himself available, of course, otherwise this sticker pack would be considered as heresy.

Side tracking a little bit here, those who do not give two hoots about Popeye can check out the usual slew of BBM emoticons that will cover Expressions, where it can be yours for a mere $0.99. Any takers so far?

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