potato salad 16kA couple of days ago we reported on an interesting Kickstarter project that had managed to raise 50,000% of its original funding goal. It wasn’t a Kickstarter project for some fancy new electronic gadget, nor was it for a product that would add a lot of convenience to our lives. Nope, it was a Kickstarter project for potato salad.

The project was started by Zack Danger Brown and he had originally planned to raise just $10, but somehow the word got out that some guy Kickstarted a potato salad on the internet and it went viral, raising $5,000 in less than a week. Well guess what? That particular project has since managed to raise a little over $15,000 and with 25 days left to go, we have to say we’re curious as to how much money it could potentially raise.

Perhaps one of the reasons why people were enamored by the project was due to the hilarious nature of the rewards in which Zack Danger Brown promised that he would say the name out loud of every backer while he made the salad. He has since expanded his rewards program by throwing a party where backers would be invited to attend a massive potato salad party.

In a recent update, he also revealed that thanks to a collaboration with t-shirt retailer Homage, he would be giving away free t-shirts for those who pledge $35 and more. A free t-shirt and potato salad, what more can one ask for? If you’d like to pledge of the potato salad Kickstarter project, head on over to its Kickstarter page for the details.

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