e-phoneIf there is one particular feature that smartphone OEMs love to boast about it would be the displays on their phone. For Samsung, it is the use of their Super AMOLED technology that gives off the vibrant colors found on most high-end Galaxy Android handsets, while Sony loves to boast about their Bravia technology, and Apple with their Retina displays. This is why it doesn’t really make sense for a smartphone to use e-ink as its primary display.

While there are color e-inks, safe to say that these displays are meant more for reading than actual viewing of websites, movies, videos, games, photography, and so on. However the folks at FormNation have come up with an interesting concept in which they took inspiration from the iPhone and have come up with a smartphone called the E-phone.

Inspired by the iPhone but not too pleased with its expensive price tag, low battery life, and how the phone gets hot with prolonged use, they decided to incorporate the use of an e-ink display. According to FormNation, “While to some E-Ink might seem like reverting from HGTV to black and white, we see this as the difference in beauty between full color and black and white photography.”

We suppose one of the benefits is that it also consumes less battery and with the E-phone, FormNation is aiming at a battery that will last a month. Now as it stands, the E-phone appears to be more of a concept than an actual product waiting to happen, but what do you guys think? Would a pure e-ink phone be something you might be interested in?

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