streetview-amplifonWhen we talk about Google’s Street View, most of the time it would be about how we are able to visit far away places without having to actually leave the comfort of our respective homes. Well, it seems that there were some hilarious instances of Street View as well including a staged murder, but all of these happen to be a visual experience, leaving your imagination to actually figure out how a particular scene sounds like. If only sound could be captured as well, right? Perhaps that would be how we know for sure whether this Street View car actually ran over a dog or not.

Amplifon is the company behind the ability for Street View to play back audio, adding yet another layer of dimension, which is sound. Amplifon happens to be the British arm of an Italian hearing-aid company, where it has come up with ambient noise for Street View, although the use of this technology is made available only for a trio of locations – namely Balboa Park in San Diego, Place du Palais in Monaco, and Hapuna Beach in Hawaii.

This is made possible thanks to the Web Audio API platform, where sounds are designated as though they were ordinary Google Maps markers, although in place of an image and some information being assigned to the marker would be a sound instead.

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