There seems to be no end to iPhone 6 rumors and reports these days, this stream is likely going to continue until Apple makes the official announcement, which it is expected to do next month. A purportedly leaked schematic of the upcoming smartphone has appeared online, detailing the “Phosphorus” co-processor that will be accompanying Apple’s A8 processor in the iPhone 6.

Last year when Apple showed off the iPhone 5S it explained that the smartphone had a M7 co-processor which processed data from the variety of sensors onboard the device, such as the gyroscope and the accelerometer. The co-processor sends collected data on to the processor, A7 in the iPhone 5S. That’s exactly how Phosphorus will function with the A8 on iPhone 6.

GeekBar, which claims to have discovered the leaked schematics, says that while the M8 Phosphorus co-processors duties will be similar to its predecessor it will collect far more data than the M7. The new co-processor will handle collection of data that includes cholesterol levels, blood sugar, heart rate and more which would then be sent along to Healthkit. The data will be pulled in from accessories and wearable devices which will include sensors for monitoring of health and fitness related data.

The same source has previously leaked schematics which hint at 1GB RAM for the iPhone 6, a 128GB model as well as a Cat.4 modem from Qualcomm. No confirmation from Apple on this as yet so we might just wait until the actual unveil event to find out for ourselves how much truth is there in these schematics.

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