google-nexus-logoThere has been quite a number of speculation going around that Google could actually introduce a 5.9” Nexus X, simply for the fact that the company intend to have various options at various sizes . There is some common sense behind this idea, as when the next generation Nexus goes on sale, it would be available at 5”, 6”, 7”, 8.9” and 10”. Does this mean that there will still be a Nexus 5 model in due time?

TKTechNews claims that Google is working alongside LG in order to enjoy a 64GB version of the Nexus 5, and this will happen at the same time as when the Nexus X is introduced to the market. Do take this bit of news with more than just a pinch of salt, as the 64GB Nexus 5 is supposedly going to be more affordable compared to the Nexus X. Now, there has been no official confirmation as to how much the Nexus X will cost when it hits the market at long last, but the general rule of thumb would be for it to fall under the $350 to $400 category as with its predecessors.

Mobile devices with 64GB of storage space are getting more and more common, and do bear in mind that even if you are rocking to a “mere” 32GB, there is always the option to spruce it up with a microSD memory card.

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