apple-watcheditionThe Apple Watch has garnered its fair share of opinions ever since its existence was made official to the masses last week, and it will be the beginning of next year before we see the very first Apple Watch being worn on the wrists of everyday consumers. The thing is, while there were several different versions of the Apple Watch mentioned, only one price was stated – which pointed to the $349 starting price, and we still have zero idea on how long the battery is going to last, and neither do we have a bucket list of its features. Analyst John Gruber has rolled up his sleeves and figured out that the Apple Watch Edition might just cost $4,999, coming in 18-karat gold/sapphire to boot.

As for the other estimates that analyst John Gruber has come up with, the normal aluminum/glass Apple Watch Sport ought to be the one that sports a $349 price tag, while those with three times more disposable income can settle for the predicted $999 price tag for the Apple Watch with stainless steel/sapphire.

But how did Gruber arrive at the $4,999 price point for the Apple Watch Edition with 18-karat gold/sapphire? Simply because he thinks it will be a solid gold piece, and not gold-colored. Those who have seen the Watch Edition and touched it purportedly claimed that it is heavier compared to the stainless steel version, which means the materials used within could cost a bomb – as reflected in the possible price tag. What do you think of Gruber’s estimates?

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