Apple’s first wearable device was unveiled earlier this month. We had been hearing rumors about the iWatch but instead the company decided to call it the Apple Watch. The company showed off its design and features but if you want to get your hands on one you’ll have to wait until next year. In the meantime it appears that the company’s engineers have been tasked with testing the Apple Watch out in the real world, at least two people have spotted Apple engineers sporting the wearable device out and about.

Reports of Apple engineers being spotted with an Apple Watch on their wrists are coming in from Cupertino where the company’s headquarter is located. Many people have reported the sightings on Twitter, the engineers were sighted at their usual bus stops on the way to work.

Multiple employees were seen today by @rohitjenveja who were all wearing the Apple Watch Sport Edition and also carrying the iPhone 6 Plus, it hardly comes as a surprise that they’re carrying the new iPhones as well. @natechiger wrote on Twitter that he spotted an Apple employee sporting a gold Apple Watch, which are believed to cost a few thousand dollars when they’re released next year.

Battery life is going to be one the major concerns with this wearable device and Apple very conveniently made no mention of it when the Apple Watch was being unveiled. The engineers testing out these devices will surely give their feedback on battery life as well based on real world usage, Apple is expected to make a few tweaks to improve battery life before the Apple Watch goes on sale in early 2015.

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