When it comes to vacuum cleaners, you know that there are the ordinary looking models that do not seem to change all that much from one generation to another, but when there is the name Dyson thrown into the mix, you know for sure that you will come across something special. I myself have a Dyson DC44 Animal vacuum that does its job admirably well for a small apartment, but for those who prefer to remain on the cutting edge of technology, there is the new robotic vacuum known as the Dyson 360 Eye.

Definitely proving itself worthy to go up against those smart vacuum cleaners from Roomba, the Dyson 360 Eye will maintain its traditional strength of having a greater suction power alongside an integrated robotic eye which will allow it to check out what is going on all around, while keeping track on where it has been to, as well as where it hasn’t gone to suck dust from, in order to deliver an optimized cleaning adventure without having to require human supervision.

Sporting Dyson’s patented cyclone technology, the Dyson 360 Eye will also boast of a V2 Dyson digital motor, and its video camera that will be able to capture a 360-degree live image of its surroundings, in order for its robot vision to deliver results that are unprecedented in the industry.

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