Have Street View, will travel. I suppose that can be considered to be the new mantra these days, especially when you consider how Google’s Street View has gone places, such as the Angkor Wat as well as the higher institutions of learning. How about dropping by the deserts of Egypt, where the Great Pyramids beckon, not to mention the eternal Sphinx staring into space? New Street View imagery is available in Google Maps, allowing you to take a virtual walk through the timeless monuments that is full of rich history, all without running the risk of a wayward bullet zipping past your head.

One thing that you are unable to do, however, would be to explore the insides of the Pyramids of Giza, since the Street View vehicle is definitely unable to enter such cramped conditions, and neither can the Street View Trekker make its way in. Still, regale in the wonder of the Great Sphinx, which is the oldest and largest known monumental sculpture in the world, as it measures 73 meters long and 20 meters high.

As for the remaining sites that one is able to check out on the virtual tour, that will include one of the oldest sites of Christianity in Egypt, Abu Mena, where the church, baptistry, basilicas and monasteries are seen through your monitor, alongside the Hanging Church which is also one of the oldest Coptic Churches in the world. [Press Release]

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