Stats-browser-August-2014A lot of people give Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser a lot of grief, and in all fairness earlier builds of Internet Explorer left a lot to be desired, thus giving alternative browsers such as Firefox and Chrome room to grow. That being said, Microsoft has made strides with Internet Explorer and thanks to the latest numbers from Net Applications, it shows that IE11’s market share has grown.

As it stands, IE8 continues to dominate the market as it is the default browser on Windows 7, an operating system which still commands the lion’s share of the market. However its market share of 21.4% is actually a slight dip from 21.56% from last month. As for IE11, it has jumped from 16.78% last month to 17.45% this month, although overall it seems that Internet Explorer’s market share has dipped from 58.38% to 57.69%.

Google’s Chrome browser comes in third at 11.05% followed by Mozilla’s Firefox browser at 10.51%. Other browsers command 20.75% and are probably a mix of different browsers out there, such as Opera and Safari for example. Interestingly enough IE6 is still barely hanging on at 3.33%, but given that IE6 was the default browser for Windows XP, this hardly comes as a surprise.

We have to wonder if Microsoft will make a new version of Internet Explorer with the upcoming Windows 9, and if they did, would it be adopted faster than IE11? We guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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